Get Involved in Election 2012
Posted: Thursday Jan 19, 2012


The 2012 election season is now in full swing, with the third GOP primary scheduled for Saturday, January 21 in South Carolina and the Obama team entering into campaign mode after holding fundraisers last week in Chicago. In order for a GOP contender to secure a nomination for the party ticket and eventually for a candidate to win the seat of the presidency in November, it is crucial that Americans participate in the election process and lend their support to the candidate of their choice. Getting involved doesn’t always have to be a huge time commitment; there are different ways to support a candidate, from donating a small amount of money, to voting in the primaries and the November presidential election, and to volunteering in the community for the campaign. As recent proceedings with the recall of the governor in Wisconsin show, citizens can make an impact simply by uniting and lending their voice to the cause they support. Visit the webpage of the candidate you support and find a way to get involved so you can help elect that candidate to office.


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